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"I do not put my trust in other men because they have no power to save me." Acts 4:12

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past" -The Great Gatsby...

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What the hell is the science side of tumblr


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i think about this a lot


God is so cruel to white people

this upsets me on a spiritual level
cryyyyiiiinnnggggg @ β€œgod is so cruel to white people”

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Man of the year

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Man you know Dracula was invented by white people. Homies weakness was a seasoning, the sun and Jesus Christ




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da booty



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Black trans women are also victims of this same violence targeting black men and black cis women. This genocide is all inclusive. And transmisogynistic violence is heavily racialized.Β 

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@OwningMyTruth: White people are more worried about “freedom of the press” than the assault on black lives and bodies

This is so disgusting. It’s racial profiling and all it does is add problems.

And this is it. This shows how so many white people think and, brilliantly, also reveals that this is what they think of as “racial profiling” since they have never (and will never) experience what actual racial profiling is like. Is this the extent of the injustice that you feel right now? That black people are calling out structural violence against our bodies and lives by white and non-black people and speaking truth to power against white supremacist power structures? A community is being occupied and militarized to assault and silence black people after Darren Wilson murdered a member of their community, but you’re the victim? Ferguson police are trying to cover this up and justify the death of yet another black person (because remember, this happens every 28 hours to black people and isn’t “random”), but it’s about you, right? Not the fact that mainstream media outlets again and again are focusing their reports on the white journalists and caring nothing about the dozens of black people who had been assaulted and arrested during the protests in Ferguson. How about that the headline of the lead trending story on Politico for the last 3 days was “Reporters arrested in Ferguson," no mention of black life or Mike Brown, no mention of the antiblackness and surveillance which are central here and have always been a part of black life, no mention of the fact that if this were a white neighborhood this militarization, silencing and brutality would be unimaginable, while it’s simply par for course in a long history of this country’s assault against black people and black life.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- white people have a huge victim complex. Black people are being assaulted, hurt and killed as we speak in a militarized, occupied town simply for demanding accountability from the police for the murder of a child in their community, and all you can say is that you are being “racially profiled” or wax obtusely about “not all white people”? How selfish and narcissistic can you be? How ahistorical is your perspective? You have enough time to write bullshit like this on tumblr, but not enough to have some damn sense and use Google and see how many  articles are out there (by and large by white people) bemoaning the assault on journalists in Ferguson and giving short shrift to the black lives which were brutalized long before, during and after them? The number of comments on this post and others that I’ve gotten saying that they as white people are getting “racially profiled” right now is absurd, even with the violence against black life in Ferguson so prominently on display, and it goes to show you that for all the time you people waste saying “not all white people,” at the end of the day the vast majority of you play true to script and are the racists you try to separate yourselves from and demonize.

For white people, racial profiling is a tweet about structural racism that hurts their feelings. For black people, racial profiling could get them killed.

at the club


"hey my friend thinks ur cute"

*looks over*


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his face lets you know this is not the first time homeboys pulled this crap

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A man posed Friday with a hyena on a leash in Rinka village, of Nigeria’s Katsina state. Entertainers train hyenas and baboons for their performances. (Akinleye/Reuters). Source




A black woman was shot in Ferguson tonight, another one of our people gunned down. The fact that the police flat out told these people she was already dead just to instill the fear is horrific.

She’s a bison! Howard Family please keep her in your thoughts

Prayers for her and her fam, and all of my extended bison family.





johnny bravo was the first cartoon side nigga


The thirst was real

In the 90’s when thirst was acceptable πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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